EZ Install HD15 Cable Male HD-DB15 Trunk Female HD-DB15 Pigtail 35FT

EZ Install HD15 Cable Male HD-DB15 Trunk Female HD-DB15 Pigtail 35FT

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Cut Your Install Time Walls or in Conduit in Half!

Installing a 15 pin HDTV cable in a wall or conduit justbecame much easier. No more on-site cable prep orconnector soldering. Just snake and plug, it's that EZ.

Engineered for video excellence. Our easy install (EI)cables are suitable for passing the cable through 1/2"conduit or similar small openings. The specifications ofthis cable are ideal for critical or long runs, even withHDTV signals. Perfect for HDTV, Home Theater PCs,Video Amplifiers, Scalers and any situation where signalquality should not be compromised. This cable enablesyour equipment to reproduce the best color saturation,black level, and picture detail possible. Our cableconstruction features five tin-plated, individually shielded75 ohm mini coax ables. This design insures the criticalhorizontal and vertical sync timing signals accurately pass from one end of the cable to the other. Since the signal is split into red. green and blue primary colors and then reassembled, the signals must arrive at the same time at the destination. The more the timing variance, the less detail can be resolved in the resulting picture. Calrad guarantees a maximum timing variance of 3 nanoseconds per 100 feet of cable. Our high quality HD-DB15 and 8 pin mini din connectors provide solid low resistance pin-pin signal path terminations. Male to Male and Male to Female plus BNC versions available.

Please Note: The Long Length of the EZ Install Cable has a Male connector.

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