Earthworks CMK4 Close Mic Kit for Drums in High Impact Case

Earthworks CMK4 Close Mic Kit for Drums in High Impact Case

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This Snare/Mic Combo Kit provide you with 4 Drum Periscope microphone, 4- RM1 RimMount accessory to attach the Drum Periscope Microphone to the drum rim, and 4 LevelPad(s) to prevent overload to your microphone preamp and a foam windscreen. All of these items come housed in a rugged plastic case with a custom foam insert for either storage or travel on the road.


  • Improved impulse response for faster and more accurate transients
  • Shorter diaphragm settling time to prevent quieter attacks from being blurred by earlier loud attacks
  • Extended frequency response to 30 kHz to capture a crisper and more realistic image
  • Near perfect polar patterns that remain even across all frequencies and at any position within the pattern
  • More cohesive and unified drum sound
  • Hear more attack and subtle detail
  • Increased detail and dynamic range
  • Versatile, multi-use mics
  • Mics are protected in a high impact case
  • Ideal three-mic choice for live performance or recording in less than ideal acoustic environments
  • Fast setup and teardown
  • Comes with 4 DP30/C tom and snare mics, 4 LevelPads, 4 windscreens & 4 RimMounts


  • Frequency Response: 30Hz to 30kHz ?2dB at 6 inches (15cm)
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Sensitivity: 10mV/Pa (-40dBV/Pa)
  • Power Requirements: 48V Phantom, 10mA
  • Max Acoustic Input: 145dB SPL
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 72dB A-weighted
  • Output: XLR (pin 2+)
  • Output Impedence: 100? balanced (50? each pins 2 & 3)
  • Min Output Load: 600? between pins 2 & 3
  • Noise: 22dB SPL equivalent (A weighted)
  • Dimensions L x D: 275mm x 22mm (10.75 x .860 inches)
  • Gooseneck Length: 159mm (6.75 inches)
  • Weight: .25 lb. (1.13kg)


  • LP1530 - LevelPad switchable mic pad -15 or -30dB
  • KP1 - KickPad Mic level kickdrum processor
  • MC1 - Standard microphone clip for all drum mic models
  • MC2 - Shock Mount microphone clip for all drum mic models
  • PW1 - Foam teardrop windscreen for Drum Periscope Series
  • RM1 - Drum RimMount for Drum Periscope Series

    DFK-C -High Impact Case for FullKit DrumKit Mics (requires 1 CMK-C & 1 DFK-C)