Dynaudio BM 5A Compact Active Bi-amped Nearfield Monitor (EA)

Dynaudio BM 5A Compact Active Bi-amped Nearfield Monitor (EA)

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The BM5As pack quite a punch in a compact package! Many quality loudspeaker manufacturers utilize Dynaudio components in their monitors but few can compare to the Dynaudio listening experience. The BM5A nearfield monitor brings Dynaudio's custom drivers, high performance amplifiers and electronic crossover to a compact size! If you HAVE to hear the material in your audio and are looking for a space-saving solution, the Dynaudio BM5A hits the mark!
  • Outstanding monitor for intimate spaces and surround systems
  • Flawless performance from 100% custom-designed and built drivers, cabinets and electronics
  • Clear, clean bass from 6.9" woofer
  • Even, peak-free response from silk dome tweeter
  • Master-built bass reflex cabinet optimizes low frequency response
  • Dual discrete MOSFET amplifiers and precision electronics power the cleanest possible signal
  • Outstanding monitor for small spaces and surround systems
This high-performance monitor comes in a very compact design and is ideal for production environments where space is a concern. The BM5A is well suited for music monitoring and mixing, broadcasting, mobile vans, edit suites, playback suites, project studios and smaller post production facilities. The size in combination with renowned Dynaudio Acoustics performance also makes the BM5A suitable for smaller 5.1 productions. When space is limited, the combination of the BM 5A with a subwoofer will deliver a full-blown 5.1 system with remarkable performance usually only found in larger setups.

100% custom-designed and built drivers, cabinets and electronics
Like all Dynaudio monitors, the BM5A is completely custom-designed and built to assure a perfect match of components. The drivers are specifically designed to avoid acoustic and performance problems that would require extensive manipulation of crossovers to correct. The cabinets are crafted in Dynaudio's Denmark facility and minimize resonance while enhancing bass response. And the BM5A's crossovers, protection circuitry and power amplifiers all are optimized for maximum performance, phase-coherent reproduction and high SPLs.

Clear, clean bass from 6.9" woofer
Dynaudio molds the BM5A's low frequency driver cone of Magnesium Silicate Polymer with their special "flat cone" geometry for outstanding transient response and minimal breakup. With a cast aluminum frame, oversized vented magnet and 3" aluminium alloy voice coil this driver delivers plenty of output power and sheer punch down to 50Hz.

Even, peak-free response from silk dome tweeterThe BM5A's high frequency driver ensures quality and high headroom. While many monitor manufacturers use metal dome drivers which can have problematic peaks, the BM5A's specially coated silk soft dome tweeter provides excellent response with no ringing or resonances.

Master-built bass reflex cabinet
Also built in Dynaudio's plant, the BM5A enclosure is constructed of hand-selected premium woods and quality veneers. Its front bass port contributes to the BM5A's surprisingly powerful low frequencies. Radius edges on the front baffle reduce boundary effects and improve the overall sound quality. And with its elegant matte finish the BM5A looks every bit as good as it sounds!

Precision electronics for the cleanest possible signal
Thanks to its custom-designed electronic crossover the BM5A offers a seamless transition between drivers. You've got plenty of power from the built-in high performance amplifiers, with 50 watts for the low frequency driver and 50 watts for highs. Precision protection circuitry ensures the drivers are safe from damage. If you need quality in sound reproduction for a small environment you don't want to miss the BM5A!
  • Dynaudio BM5A 2-Way Active Monitor Features:
  • Active nearfield monitor with 6.9" woofer and 1" silk dome tweeter
  • Frequency response 50Hz - 21kHz (+/- 3 dB)
  • Maximum SPL at 1 meter, pair (IEC Long Term) - 115 dB peak
  • Maximum SPL at 2 meters, 5.1 (IEC Long Term) - 116 dB peak
  • Amplifier power - Tweeter: 50 watts Woofer: 50 watts
  • Bass reflex cabinet with radius edges on front baffle
  • 1.1" Esotec tweeter with soft dome, rear chamber, magnetic fluid cooled
  • 6.9" one-piece molded polypropylene cone woofer with 3" pure aluminum wire voice coil