Draper TS1000 TorkStar Motor Winch

Draper TS1000 TorkStar Motor Winch

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Draper TorkStar - Utility Lineset System

The TorkStar Utility Line Set consists of a motor winch and one or more PosiSpools, connected by a drive shaft and mounted to the ceiling structure. The motor winch and each PosiSpool contain an aircraft cable lift line with a lifting capacity of 500 pounds. Motor winch/PosiSpool spacing and total lifting capacity of the system vary depending upon winch selection.

Use TorkStar to Raise and Lower: Lighting (House Lights, Front of House Lighting, Stage Lighting), Speakers, Backdrops, Background Sets, Scenery, Draperies, Curtain, Scrims, Signs, Banners, Flags, Projection Screens (The TorkStar Utility Lineset is not available with the Rolleramic projection screen.), Chandeliers, and more.

Safety: TorkStar eliminates the need for stepladders, scaffolding, or lifts to change lamps or filters, or service or exchange ceiling suspended products. In the event of an electrical outage or motor failure, the motor winch and each PosiSpool has sufficient braking capacity to arrest the entire system. TorkStar is an inherently safe, simple lifting system designed for intermittent usage.

Redundant Safety Features

TorkWinch's braking system is unique; no other system on the market has a spring-loaded mechanically activated brake on the gearing system. The TS1000 Motor Winch braking system is comprised of a worm gear with geometry that prevents self-lowering of the load, plus an additional safety brake which acts directly on the final gear reduction to the winch drum. The additional safety brake is a uni-directional friction brake that allows free rotation while the load is being lifted but which automatically applies itself when the up motion stops or when the load is being lowered. The safety brake enhances the ability of the worm gearing to stop the load quickly when the power is removed and to hold the load securely when the winch is stopped.

PosiSpool: The unique PosiSpool employs the patented PosiLok™ system. The PosiLok is a fail-safe system which checks the speed of the rotating cable drum 5 times per revolution and will instantly lock if the trip speed is exceeded under any condition. The PosiLok automatically resets when the drive direction is reversed. PosiLok™: U.S. Patent No.: 7,210,645.

Other Components:
  • MK500 Beam Mounting Kit:
Enables secure attachment of motor winch and PosiSpool to I-beam. One required per winch or spool.
  • PS500SC Shaft Coupling: Connects Drive Shaft to Motor Winch and PosiSpool. Two required per winch or spool.
  • Adjustable Batten Clamp: Provides for levelling if attaching lift lines to batten. One required per lift line.
  • Ceiling Flange: Trims ceiling openings if installing above false ceiling. One required per lift line.
  • Drive Shaft: 23/8" O.D. / 2" I.D. Schedule 40 pipe.
  • Batten: 17/8" O.D. / 11/2" I.D. Schedule 40 pipe.
  • Cable Management System: Optional cable management system consisting of an adjustable industrial-grade precision cable reel. UL & CSA Listed.
  • Control: Single gang double key switch.