DNF Controls Analyst RS422/RS232 Tester

DNF Controls Analyst RS422/RS232 Tester

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Troubleshoot communications problems between two production machines and quickly determine which communications link is causing the problem!

Streamlines communications between production machines! The Analyst RS422/RS232 Tester allows users to quickly and easily isolate and identify RS422 and RS232 interface problems - whether testing cable runs between floors or between buildings, verifying RS422/RS232 signal paths, or chasing down an RS422 to RS232 adapter problem.

Works with both RS422 and RS232 control interfaces, and having a single device that can analyze both types of serial protocols is a great benefit standard on most equipment found in broadcast or production facilities. Enables experts and non-experts alike to separate "what is the problem" from "what is not the problem" quickly. This allows resources to be directed at fixing the real problem, rather than running around in circles.

  • Compact, hand-held device with an easy-to-read four-line x 40-character display, an eight-key keyboard, and separate RS422/RS232 connectors.
  • Simple and intuitive for the technical and non-technical alike.
  • Anyone can perform testing in seconds that once took 30 minutes and required specialized knowledge.
  • Switch-selectable beween RS422 or RS232 for chasing down RS422 to RS232 adapter problems.
  • Quickly identify cable wiring errors at the press of a button: -Swap transmit and receive lines (RS422/RS232) -Reverse transmitter output polarity (RS422) -Reverse receiver input polarity (RS422)
  • Confirm without a doubt that two cable ends are connected to the same cable.
  • AC-powered with optional external battery pack.
  • Easily and quickly check system baud rate and parity settings.
  • Four-line x 40-character liquid crystal display.
  • Eight-key keyboard with a rotary knob.
The Analyst RS422/RS232 Tester is ideal to use in remote production setup, new studio builds or facility upgrades, or in maintaining existing facilities and systems

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