Datavideo VP-634 3G/HD-SDI/SDI 100 Meter Extender for the VP-633

Datavideo VP-634 3G/HD-SDI/SDI 100 Meter Extender for the VP-633

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This version of the SDI repeater is for use with VP-633 to extend the signal for up to 100 meters.

How far is too far with HD-SDI cable? Further than you'd think. Datavideo HD-SDI Repeaters/Cable Extenders make copper a cost effective solution up to at least 600 meters. For less money than fiber, you can join 100m sections of high quality 1.5Gb/s or 3.0Gb/s cable with Datavideo HD-SDI repeaters. Sports shoots - forget about fragile cable! One Day shoots - when you're done, those 100m sections can be rented again or used on other jobs. Datavideo HD-SDI Repeater/Cable Extenders are rugged little gadgets that belong in the kit of anyone who uses video cables.

How they work: HD-SDI is not a bi directional format the same way that Firewire is. So, we put the first and only powered repeater close to the recorder or switcher. This is the only one that requires a 12VDC power supply. Every 100meters from that first repeater we add another repeater until the video source is 100 meters or less from the last repeater.

  • Video Input: 3G(HD)/1.5G(HD)/SD-SDI
  • Video Output: 3G(HD)/1.5G(HD)/SD-SDI
  • Audio: Embedded audio stays in the output stream
  • Supported Formats: 3G(1080p 50/60), HD(1080p 24/25/30, 1080i 50/60, 720p 50/60), SD(625i PAL, 525i NTSC)
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • DC In: 12-25V