Datavideo SE3000-8MU HD/SD-SDI Video Switcher - 8 Input

Datavideo SE3000-8MU HD/SD-SDI Video Switcher - 8 Input

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8 input HD/SD-SDI video switcher with 1 M/E and FLEX Source. It has 4 keyers with built-in DSK, 2 Chromakey, 4 AUX outputs, 2 Still Stores, and many other features. Processor Unit only. Panel software for PC will be provided.

Available as either an 8, 12, or 16-input model, the SE-3000 is a purpose built, fast, and easy to use HD/SD live production switcher filled with an impressive number of features and functions. For example, it has a touch screen to select EFX, stills, and balance colors. Using a touch screen means that the operator does not have to remember effect numbers and can see what they are selecting. Additionally, it has dual multi-view outputs, chromakey, dual PiP, 3D functions, multi language support and a full size keyboard. The processing unit has a convenient, shallow front to back chassis, designed to accommodate mobile applications. An added interesting and powerful feature is the "Flex Source" component, which is similar to having a second M/E. See below for a connection schematic.

The 8 input version (HD only) is `one card' upgradable to the 12 or 16 input versions which includes 4 or 8 up converters, respectively. Every other feature is the same in all units.

Use Datavideo's PD-4 Power Distributor with redundant power to give energy more reliably to the SE-3000 Switcher. The PD-4 uses two power source connections to distribute electricity. If one power source fails, the PD-4 automatically uses the other to provide energy to your devices. This adds an extra level of reliability to your production setup.


  • 8, 12, or 16-input Models Available: The SE-3000 is available as either an 8-input model, 12-input model, or a 16-input model.
  • FLEX SOURCE: SE-3000 allows you to save a complete M/E setup and recall it as a source that can be used in the main M/E.
  • Touchscreen Control and Selection: SE-3000's touchscreen provides intuitive navigation and instant response, allowing you to do everything faster and more accurately.
  • Growing List of How-To Articles: SE-3000 is supported by a growing list of tutorials created by Datavideo USA.
  • Impressive Features & Functions: SE-3000 is a feature-rich switcher that includes a large number of special functions, such as 3x HD-SDI outputs which are independently assignable to Program, Program w/o Logos, Program w/o Logos & Titles, Preview, or Auxiliary.
  • Easy Integration with ITC-100: Use the CB-29 Cable to connect the SE-3000 with the ITC-100 Intercom/Tally System.
  • Audio Embedding: SE-3000 Supports Audio Embedding.


  • HD Video Format: (1080/59.94i,60i,50i)-(720/59.94p,60p,50p)
  • SD Video Format: (525/60NTSC,625/50 PAL Derived)
  • Video Processing: 4:2:2:4, 10 bit digital component
  • Video Input: 8x, 12x, and 16x HD/SD-SDI input Versions Available
  • Video Output: 1 HD-SDI (PGM), 1 HD-SDI (PVW), 1 DVI-D (Multi-view), 2 HD-SDI (Multi 1 Multi 2 - outputs that can be assigned), 1 HD-YUV, 4 AUX
  • M/E: 1x M/E with Flex Sourcer
  • Monitor: Built in 7? 800 x 480 touch screen LCD
  • Keyer (in M/E): 2x Linear, Luminance, Chroma
  • Background: Wipe- 40+ patterns, single/dual colored & video borders / DVE- 80+ transitions including slides, pushes, 3D spins, page turns & page rolls
  • DSK: 2x DSK - linear & luminance
  • PiP: 2x channels in Flex Sourcer
  • Still Store: 2x built in still stores, with internal storage for up to 100 compressed HD images via "Input Freeze" Feature.
  • Aux Bus: 4x AUX outputs
  • Frame Sync: 16x Inputs
  • Input Functions: 16x inputs with 8x SD-to-HD up converters built-in
  • Output Functions: Dual channel Multiviewer, all sources split on two monitors. Available program outs: HD-SDI, DVI & HD component / CV and Y/C outputs generate color bars.
  • Ergonomic Touch Screen Control: Ergonomic LCD touch screen on the control panel with multi language support
  • User Settings: Internal Storage for up to 1,000 user settings for entire control panel, with 8x button shot box for instant access.
  • Interface: Panel: RJ45, Editor: D-sub 9pin, Tally D-sub 37-pin, GPI D-sub 15-pin, PC: RJ45
  • Power Supply: 12V DC operation 110/220 power supply and cord included. (7.5A for Processor Unit / 0.8A for Control Panel)


  • SE-3000 Main Unit
  • SE-3000 Control Panel / Keyboard
  • AC Power Cord (x2)
  • Ethernet Cable (8P-8P) 3m
  • 4-pin XLR Switch Mode Power Supply DC 12V 0.8A
  • 4-pin XLR Switch Mode Power Supply DC 12V 7.5A
  • Instruction Manual