Datavideo SE-2000 Five-Input HD Video Switcher Kit ITC

Datavideo SE-2000 Five-Input HD Video Switcher Kit ITC

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Datavideo SE-2000 Five-Input HD Video Switcher Kit ITC

Datavideo's SE-2000 Kit is a stationary version of the HS-2000. It comes with the SE-2000 HD-SDI switcher, ITC-100 intercom system for 4 users, and the RKM-2000 monitor holder.

Inclusive in this kit, the SE-2000 HD-SDI switcher is designed for small, live production venues that use up to 5 inputs by combining 1 or 2 DVI-D computer sources and 3 or 4 HD-SDI sources.

Datavideo created a neat little holder, RKM-2000 that accepts one 1RU x 19" device and this kit provides a good platform for placement of a monitor. Additionally, Datavideo's ITC-100 intercom can be mounted in the RKM-2000 holder. CG may be done with the Datavideo CG-350. PowerPointr presentations go right in through the DVI input. The SE-2000's multi display output includes each source, preview, program, and a digital clock display.

In addition, the system will store and recall 14 different logos. It also has five operator set up memories and title overlay. The SE-2000's built-in audio mixer has four audio follows video inputs (microphone or line) and two audio outputs. As with all Datavideo products the SE-2000 works on 12vDC or local power. Operating the SE-2000 is fast because every control is right on the work surface - no shifts.

Datavideo SE-2000 Kit ITC Features:

  • Logo insertion: 28 pre-stored logos (max 128 x 96 pixels) inserted via luminance key
  • Input resolution: 1920x1080i & 1280x720p
  • Output resolution: 1080i - 720p
  • 10 bit internal processing
  • Luminance key, PIP, Freeze Image, Black
  • Tally signal output (live and next source)
  • Five individual speed keys, T bar (work in both directions) and TAKE key
  • Five user preset memories
  • 13 transitions with adjustable border width
  • Multi-image preview monitor output

Datavideo SE-2000 Kit ITC Connections::


  • Input: 4x HD-SDI and 1x DVI-D or 3x HD-SDI and 2x DVI-D
  • Output: 2x HD-SDI, 1x HD-YUV & DVI (Multi-view)


  • 4x XLR microphone or line audio inputs


  • 12V 5A DC 110/220 power supply and cord included.