Datavideo HS-2000 Five-Input HD Hand-Carried Mobile Studio

Datavideo HS-2000 Five-Input HD Hand-Carried Mobile Studio

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Datavideo HS-2000 Five-Input HD Hand-Carried Mobile Studio

The Datavideo HS-2000 is a full HD hand carry mobile studio that simplifies the workflow of any HD production venue using up to 5 inputs by combining 1 or 2 DVI output computer sources and 3 or 4 HD-SDI sources.

The HS-2000 includes the SE-2000, a five channel 10-bit 1080i or 720p HD-SDI, HD-Component and DVI-D video & audio switcher, with advanced features such as a rugged 17-inch LED monitor displaying a multi view image including each source, picture-in-picture preview, preview and program. It also includes 14 pre-stored logos, digital clock display, five operator set up memories, title overlay and DVI-D input ideal for use with presentation software.

The built in audio mixer with XLR connectors allow up to four channels of microphone or line level audio inputs; or you can use an external audio mixer. HS-2000 also includes a wired intercom with five belt packs, headsets and tally lights.

No genlock is required. The Datavideo SE-2000 enables seamless switching of video and audio, blending high quality digital content on the fly and then it folds up so you can carry it to the next venue.

SE-2000 comes with a built-in luminance key. You may also use an external character generator. Datavideo's CG-300/350 are suggested. The HS-2000 is part of a suite of HD-SDI production tools that lets you edit, record, monitor and distribute HD signals and convert between HD formats.

Video Connections
  • Input: 4x HD-SDI & 1x DVI-D or 3x HD-SDI & 2x DVI-D
  • Output: 2x HD-SDI & 1x HD-YUV. Full HD video output
Audio Connections
  • 4x XLR microphone or line audio inputs
Control Connections
  • RS-232 control interface
Monitor Connections
  • 17-inch LED video monitor displays each source, picture-in-picture preview, preview, and program
Intercom Connections
  • Built in intercom system with 5 camera operator belt packs and dual color, camera mounted tally lights
Power Distribution Center
  • Integrated power distribution center; one power cord for the HS-2000
Special Features
  • Full HD 1920x1080i and 1280x720p
  • Built in digital clock and 5 logo stores
  • Lumakey function for text overlay
  • Picture-in-Picture function
  • Built in TBC and frame synchronizers on all video inputs for glitch free switching
  • Designed to be "live-in-seconds" with easy setup, breakdown and storage at any location