Datavideo CG-300 Kit Character Generator for SD and HD

Datavideo CG-300 Kit Character Generator for SD and HD

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The CG-350 and CG-300 are Windows-based character generators designed for live production and post production. Different functions are assigned to different sub-programs. Both sets will work with a Blackmagic Design Decklink or AJA Xena card, as a downstream keyer or as key and fill sources (depending on the card).

The CG-300 is a smaller version of the CG-350, without the Banner Crawl (continuously scrolling text) and Snyper (corner graphics, station IDs, "coming up next" animations, etc.) functions, which run independently from the character generator software. Please note: The CG-300 is available for sale in the U.S. only.

Features and Specifications

  • The CG-350 features Banner Crawl for continuously-rolling text crawls and Snyper for corner graphics and animations (station IDs, "coming up next" animations, etc.) over your outgoing program, both running independent from the CG software
  • HD Extreme Decklink card is included.
  • Support for resolutions from 320x240 to 1080i HD
  • Anti-aliased characters with leading, kerning and tracking, with two edge and three shadow styles for each character.
  • 24-bit color support with 256 levels of transparency. Color can be selected by adjusting RGB or HLS levels.
  • Create smooth gradients between any 2 colors in the characters, edges, shadows, and shapes.
  • Character attributes can be drawn with custom textures (marble, wood grain, etc). As many as 16 different textures can be used on each page.
  • Up to 32 shapes per page. Each shape can be set to a solid color, semi-transparent color, a color gradient, or a texture. The shapes can be edged, colored, sized, italicized, and rotated just like text characters.
  • Up to 16 full-color logos can fine-positioned, overlapped, sized, etc. just like characters.
  • 1000 Layers - Text, logos, and shapes can be placed on multiple layers, each independent of the others. Layers can be named.
  • Text Style Gallery - One button access to your 64 user-defined text styles.
  • Typefaces - each page can use up to 25 Truetype different typefaces.
    • Character height - 600 to -600 scanline heights (negative heights make characters appear inverted).
    • Character width - 10% to 500%
    • Italics angle -45° to +45°
    • Rotation angle -360° to 360°
    • Character and edge blur - Variable from 2 (sharpest) to 12 (heavy blur). Blurs are independent of each other.