Datavideo CG-100SDI K Standard Definition CG Software with Decklink SDI Card

Datavideo CG-100SDI K Standard Definition CG Software with Decklink SDI Card

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The CG-100 is a PC-based character generator that uses the DeckLink SDI or DeckLink Studio video cards to produces lower thirds, text rolls, text crawls and more. It can import .TGA animations, text files, still images and even display the PC's time. Any font installed on the system can be used by our character generators, as well as languages (i.e. if using Arabic, Hebrew, etc., text appears right to left - the program itself is in English only). You can create and save as much text as your hard drive allows, and they can be recalled in sequence. Using the Live Operation Mode, the CG-100 can also be used as a live on-screen typewriter.

The CG-100 is sold as a Software + Hardware combo, which comes with the character generator program and a Decklink PCI card, both compatible with Windows PC computers. You have a choice of using the Decklink SDI Card with the CG system, which will allow SDI connections between the computer and your switcher, or you can purchase your CG-100 with the Decklink Studio Card, which allows SDI connection AND other Analog connections, including Composite Video, Component Video, and S-Video. The CG-100 can also be purchased as software only, which will require a separately-bought Decklink card, or as a fully-assembled ready-to-use workstation, the PCR-100.


  • PC Minimum Requirements:
  • CPU P4 3.0Ghz or above
  • Memory 512MB or above
  • Screen Display 1024x768/32 bits colors
  • OS Windows XP-SP2
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • Deck Link Card (for NTSC/PAL system)
  • CG for use with other switchers:
  • The CG-100 will work with any video switcher that accepts the SDI video and key signal coming from the Decklink Card.
    Driver Notes:
  • The CG-100 software requires use of the drivers included with the software.
    PLEASE NOTE: Software is Not Returnable.


  • CG-100 Software and Cables - No Card