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CSI Pure Digital Fiberlink 6000A Rackmount Card Cage

Communications Specialties Inc

CSI Pure Digital Fiberlink 6000A Rackmount Card Cage


The Pure Digital Fiberlink 6000A Rackmountable 19" card cage offers 20 positions for any combination of Pure Digital Fiberlink transmitter, receiver and transceiver card modules. (Each card fills one or two positions.) Measuring 19 inches wide by 5 1/4 inches high, this unit requires either a model 6010A universal switching plug-in powersupply or an external customer-provided power source. When used with the Model 6010A universal switching power supply, 17 positions are available for product modules.

  • Optional alarm module indicates fault condition via an audible piezo sounder, blinking red LED and activation of isolated contacts for use with remote monitoring
  • Optical signal input and output connectors on each card module are at the rear of the card cage.
  • May be powered with optional 3-position plug-in power supply or with an external, customer-provided power source
  • Two power supplies may be used to provide redundant power
  • Single and multiple position blank filler panels are available to conceal positions not in use
  • ROHS Compliant

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