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Coleman Audio SR7.1 Surround Level Control

Coleman Audio

Coleman Audio SR7.1 Surround Level Control


Coleman Audio SR7.1 Surround Level Control

The SR7.1 surround level control takes surround audio to the next step.

SR7.1 features:

  • Eight balanced audio inputs & outputs
  • Stepped attenuator tracks to .05db
  • Individual input level trims for all channels & fold down are on the front panel
  • Input mutes for each channel ( separate L & R speaker mutes to isolate stereo fold down)
  • Fold down for two 5.1 formats plus fold down to stereo and mono
  • Internal switch to route mono fold down to either the L & R speakers or just the center speaker (customer preference)
  • Internal switch to include LFE signal in the stereo fold down (to use SR7.1 as a summing box)
  • One space rack mount enclosure.

SR7.1 applications:

  • Surround level for 8 balanced audio channels
  • Surround for a 5.1 system for customers not doing 7.1 but want to be ready
  • As summing box using the stereo fold down button:
    • Three stereo pairs (L&R LS&RS RLS&RRS)
    • Two mono channels (C & LFE)
    • Summed to a stereo output with the stepped attenuator acting as a master fader.

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