Chrosziel 45620AFSCXK2 456-20 Academy 2 FH stage mattebox Kit 2

Chrosziel 45620AFSCXK2 456-20 Academy 2 FH stage mattebox Kit 2

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Chrosziel 45620AFSCXK2 456-20 Academy 2 FH stage mattebox Kit 2
The Chrosziel Mattebox 456-20 brings professional shading and filtering solutions to Panasonic's AG-AF100. The affordably priced Mattebox 456-20 Mattebox is loaded with the benefits operators have come to expect from Chrosziel. The Mattebox 456-20 is a true 16:9 housing sporting a sleek design that fits well with most popular camcorders.

Wide Coverage
The basic unit features a 16:9/4:3 wide angle housing for compatibility with prime lenses as wide as 12mm (35mm Academy) without vignetting.

Filter Stages
The Mattebox 456-20 comes with a filterstage for two independently rotating 4x5.65/5x5 filter holders. The smart design provides ample room for the easy manipulation of filters - such as vertical grads - to any desired position.

Mounting Options
For a secure mount, the Mattebox 456-20 comes with a center bracket for use with 15mm lightweight support rods. A one-sided quick-lock mechanism anchors the mattebox system to the 15mm lightweight support with a simple twist of a knob.

Manipulation of Light
The standard articulating French Flag protects against flair and loss of contrast. The French Flag can be teamed with optional side wings for precise manipulation of light.

Follow Focus
The Chrosziel Follow Focus ads authentic cine-style feel and function to your camera. The Follow Focus facilitates precise repeatable focus pulls. With virtually no backlash, the Chrosziel follow focus is designed to match your every move with precision. The Follow Focus is designed as a complete unit with a fixed handhweel; one-sided operation.

Mattebox Includes:
  • Mattebox - 16:9/4:3 [456-20]
  • French Flag [402-26]
  • Two independently rotating filter stages
  • Two 4x5.65/5x5 combination filter holders [510-01]
  • O 130mm Rear Plate
  • O 130:104mm Step-down Ring [410-104]
  • Bracket for 15mm Lightweight Support Rods
  • Lightweight Support System [401-427]
  • Cine-style Follow Focus [204-01S]
  • Focus Gear Drive [201-24]

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