Canare Analog 25Pin DSub to 8 XLR Male Fan Box 25FT

Sescom 25MA-XMB-C25 Audio Snake Cable Canare Analog 25-Pin D-Sub Male to 8 XLR Male Receptacle Fan Box - 25 Foot

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The Team here at 3D HD Gear loves the Sescom DB25 male to 8 XLR Male Chassis as it's mounted in a rugged fanbox for analog audio output. The cables are crafted with Canare MR202-8AT cable. All channels are individually shielded twisted pairs of #25AWG gauge conductors. Fanbox is heavy duty construction for field or stage deployment.Wired to Digi/Tascam Dsub convention. Compatible with Digi, Panasonic, Radar, Tascam and other equipment.


  • DB25 male to 8 XLR male chassis mount with fanbox for analog audio input
  • Crafted with Canare super flexible MR202-08AT cable
  • All channels are individually shielded & twisted of 25AWG gauge conductors with with drain wire
  • Overall PVC jacketed for strength and durability
  • Neutrik NC3MD-L-1-B male receptacles
  • Industry standard AMP 25 pin metal hoods for durability
  • Made in the USA


  • Nominal DC Resistance Conductor: 32.5 ohms/1000
  • Nominal Capacitance between conductors: 23.2 pF/ft.
  • Wired to Digi/Tascam Dsub standard
  • Compatible with Panasonic, Radar, Digi, Tascam, and other equipment


  • 1 Year

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