Canare 241U-DVJAS 2x24 Straight-Thru Video Patch Bay

Canare 241U-DVJAS 2x24 Straight-Thru Video Patch Bay

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    Serial Digital video production equipment operates at super high data bit rates. Every interconnect component in the modern post facility must be checked for 75 ohm matched impedance and have sufficient headroom to pass signals in excess of 400-500Mhz.

    The Video Patchbay is a vital link in your signal distribution network scheme. Used as a supplement to routing switchers or as the primary stand alone component for cost effective switching, the Video Patchbay must perform routine operations as well as real life emergencies, where any down time is unacceptable.

    Canare true 75 ohm Normal Thru Video Patchbays are designed for maximum reliability and will handle all Serial Digital formats with excellent Return Loss characteristics and very little signal reflections (VSWR).

  • Serial Digital
  • NTSC Analog
  • Component Analog
  • AES/EBU Digital Audio

  • DC to 600Mhz; >26dB Return Loss
  • Normal through, WE (.090) 75 ohm Self-terminating
  • Highly reliable MICROSWITCH CONTACTS
  • Sealed jacks keep out dirt and dust

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