Camplex HF-TR1SM-ST-2000 TAC1 Simplex Single Mode ST Fiber Optic Tactical Cable Reel - 2000 Foot

Camplex HF-TR1SM-ST-2000 TAC1 Simplex Single Mode ST Fiber Optic Tactical Cable Reel - 2000 Foot

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Extremely Rugged & Lightweight Single Channel Singlemode Tactical Fiber Snakes Designed for Broadcast & Pro-Audio Applications!

Ruggedized multi-channel fiber optic cables designed for multiple deployments for field production in outside broadcast, rental houses and more. Highly flexible tight-buffered tactical cables with internal aramid strength members for crush resistance in high traffic areas if handled properly and a polyurethane outer sheath designed to withstand crushing by both military tanks and Outside Broadcast vehicles. Cables are complete end-to-end tactical grade where fanout channels are covered with tactical grade polyurethane furcation tubing. All assemblies multi-stage machine polished and tested for less than .55db RL (complete per-channel test results available on request). Built in-house at our state-of-the-art fiber lab - the only fiber lab in the US to have achieved full certification from LEMO, Neutrik & Canare!

Our Tactical Fiber Snake Reels include JackReel, Schill or Hannay fiber optic cable reels with in-hub fanout & connector protection cavity. Each reel has been carefully selected to ensure proper support and critical bend radius required by fiber optic cables. We recommend tactical fiber optic cables over 25 feet be stored on a cable reel.

Custom configurations and assemblies as well as full repair services are always available for any brand tactical or SMPTE hybrid fiber cable.


  • Strong & Lightweight Broadcast Deployable Cable
  • Indoor/Outdoor Rated Jacket
  • Typical RL <-55dB and IL<0.25dB
  • Wide Temperature Range (typically -55°C to 85°C)
  • 500µm primary acrylate buffer with 900µm secondary hard elastomeric buffer (Ultra-Fox Plus)
  • Polyurethane Core-Locked Outer Jacket Provides Excellent Crush & Impact Resistance
  • Rugged Metal Dust Caps with Cable Lanyards



  • Industry Standard Designation Single-Mode ITU-T G.652.A
  • Core/Cladding Diameter (μm): 9/125
  • Wavelength (nm): 1310/1550
  • Maximum Cabled Attenuation (dB/km): 0.5/0.5
  • Primary Coating Diameter (μm): 500
  • Secondary Buffer Diameter (μm): 900
  • Zero Dispersion Slope (ps/nm2-km): 0.092
  • Proof Test Level (kpsi): 100
  • Typical RL <-55dB and IL<0.25dB

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