Camplex HF-TROCSMPT-1000 opticalCON DUO SMPTE 311M Single Mode Fiber Optic Tactical Cable on Reel - 1000 Foot

Camplex HF-TROCSMPT-1000 opticalCON DUO SMPTE 311M Single Mode Fiber Optic Tactical Cable on Reel - 1000 Foot

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OpticalCON DUO NO2SX to NO2SX Singlemode Hybrid SMPTE 311M Cable with Tactical Reel. OpticalCON assemblies are COCA factory terminated and machine polished in our state of the art Fiber Optic Lab. Neutrik OpticalCON assemblies are made with outside broadcast SMPTE 311M cable rated for ruggedized applications and field deployment in commerical and professional broadcast AV applications. Machine polishing processes provide exceptionally low return loss and insertion loss. OpticalCON features a ruggedized connector body, common LC contacts and a mechanical shutter system to shield against endface contamination. SMPTE cable with 2 singlemode fiber UPC, 2 x AWG24 and 2 x AWG16 or (2x17AWG) stranded copper conductors, overall copperbraided shield and stainless steel strengh member.

Suitable for indoor (studio) camera links considering specific conditions acc. to IEC 60664-1 like pollution degree 1, overvoltage category 1 and rated voltage. Our cables are exlusively assembled using the Neutrik opticalCON ADVANCED system. opticalCON ADVANCED further enhances the original opticalCON making it more robust by adding lockable and water proofed metal caps as well as rubber guards. This is especially critical for outdoor applications. The ergonomically cable strain relief improves the cable protection and water resistance in long-term use, and the color-coding options allow custom-built coding.

This cable is not compatable with the SMPTE 304M standard. Snake Reels can include a hinged latching door, outboard coiling ring with retention strap, or slotted disk dividers depending on cable diameters and lengths. Check with your sales associate for reel information regarding specific assemblies.


  • Heavy Duty Reel Included
  • OpticalCON assemblies are interfermetrically tested to GR-326-CORE endface standards.
  • Machine polished and tested end faces
  • Tactical tight buffered PUR Cable
  • Optical Shutter Mechanism for added protection
  • Typical back reflection <-55dB
  • Ruggedized and dirt protected 2 channel fiber optic connection system
  • Waterproof acc. to IP65 in mated condition
  • Accommodates standard optical LC-Duplex connectors
  • Cable connector features rugged all metal housing and heavy duty cable retention
  • Excellent dust and dirt protection due to automatic sealing shutter with silicone gasket
  • Reliable Push-Pull locking mechanism
  • Easy to clean, no tools required

  • Digital Audio & Video
  • Digital Signage
  • Data & Networking
  • Lighting Control
  • Deployable, Staging, and Harsh Environment
  • SONY CCFN-25, CCFN-50, CCFN-100



  • Overall Specifications
  • (2) Neutrik OpticalCon DUO, NO2SX
  • OB SMPTE 311M, Polyurethane Jacket, 9.2mm diameter, Black
  • Nickel Finish Connector Body
  • 50', 100', 164', 250', 328', 500', 656' or Custom

  • Mechanical Specifications
  • Cable Retention Force = 500N
  • Lifetime >1000 Cycles
  • Insertion/Withdrawal Force < 45N
  • Operating Temperature -25°C to +75°C

  • Optical Specifications
  • Type LC-UPC (Straight Polish)
  • Fiber Type 9m Single-mode Fiber
  • Cable Loss < 0.45dB/km @ 1310/1550nm
  • Optical Back Reflection -55dB/-45dB RL (typical/max)
  • 24 AWG Data Conductors, 16 AWG or 17 AWG (2x20AWG) Auxiliary Conductors
  • CMR rated, UL1666 Flame Tested, Indoor / Outdoor Cable (9.125mm OD)
  • Aramid Yarn and 302 Stainless Steel Strength Members

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