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Burst MicroDA 1x4 Video Distribution Amplifier

Burst Electronics

Burst MicroDA 1x4 Video Distribution Amplifier


Burst Electronics manufactures a series of Video Distribution Amplifiers. These units use the latest in high speed, monolithic operational amplifier technology. This results in wide bandwidth, high gain stability, low differential gain and phase. Models are available that range from MicroDA that will fit most anywhere to a 4 output version for Y/C (S-VHS/Hi8) applications.

All units contain internal regulated bipolar power supplies and are powered by external 12Vdc, perfect for field applications. MicroDA is a compact unit featuring a loopthru input. A wide bandwidth of 33 MHz assures clean video. Small enough to fit most anywhere but with no sacrifice in performance. Gain is adjustable plus or minus 3 dB. There is an external jumper to select 75 Ohm termination, no need for external terminator.

The VDA-4 has the same features, performance and specifications as the MicroDA, but in a package that can be rack-mounted. Options available: Rack Mount.

  • Input: 1 volt standard video
  • Input Impedance: Hi-Z or 751/2, looping (jumper selected)
  • Coupling: DC throughout
  • Internal Power: Plus & Minus 5 Vdc derived from ext.12 Volt
  • Outputs: Four, 751/2
  • Output Voltage: 4 Vpp max
  • Delay Input to Output: 10 nS
  • Output Impedance: 751/2 1%
  • Frequency Response: DC - 33MHz 0.2dB
  • Gain: Unity, adjustable plus/minus 3dB
  • Diff.Gain: 0.1%
  • Diff.Phase: 0.1 degrees
  • Video Connector: BNC (4-pin mini DIN on Y/C Version)
  • Output Protection: Open or Short, infinite duration
  • Power: 120VAC 60Hz, 3 Watts, UL Listed Wall Module (incl.)
  • DC Powered: 10-16 Vdc (polarity insensitive), 150 mAdc
  • Size (Micro DA): 4.4W x 2.4H x 1.3D inches
  • Size (VDA-4): 4.2W x 1.5H x 5.5D inches
  • Rack Mount: Optional, Model RM-4
  • Warranty: One Year Parts and Labor

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