Burst BG-7 Blackburst Generator with Unbalanced Tone Option

Burst BG-7 Blackburst Generator with Unbalanced Tone Option

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Video Pattern Generators with Full Color Graphics ID Image Import

The BG-3 (single output) and the BG-7 (single pattern output plus 6 black burst outputs) are video multi-pattern generators with the ability for the user to import a graphics file and overlay that image on the pattern output.

Applications include source ID in studio and mobile applications.

A 24-bit full color graphic is created with any paint program and loaded into the BG-3/7 via a front-panel USB 2.0 port. Once stored in the unit, the graphic image is overlaid on the pattern output. There is an On/Off switch to control the insertion of the image.

The image can be a digital photo, logo, station call letters, etc. Size is 720x480 for NTSC, 720x578 for PAL. File format is BMP.

The BG-3 and BG-7 are dual standard, NTSC/PAL, jumper selectable (front panel switch optional.) They offer full frame image support in both NTSC and PAL.

SMPTE Color Bars Window
Full Field Bars 5 Step Luma
Red 5 Step Chroma
Green 10 Step Chroma
Blue Black Burst

Options: Rack mount, tone (balanced or unbalanced), front panel NTSC/PAL switch, 5 Vdc power

Specifications - BG Series

  • Output: 1 volt standard video 75 Ohms 1%
  • Sync at -40 IRE
  • Burst at +/-20 IRE (3.579545 MHz NTSC, 4.433619 MHz PAL)
  • Setup: 7.5 IRE NTSC (0 IRE PAL)
  • Fully saturated 75% bars (gray, yellow, cyan, green, magenta, red, blue, black)
  • 12 Vdc, center positive (optional 5 Vdc)
  • Tone 1 kHz (0dB unbalanced phono jack, +4dB balanced miniXLR)
  • Dimensions: 5.6W x 1.5H x 7.3D (inches)
  • Wall module (included): 120 Vac 60 Hz, 12 Vdc 500 mA, UL listedor 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz, 5 Vdc 1A, UL listed.
  • Warranty: One Year Parts and Labor