Boostaroo Portable High Def Headphone Audio Amp with Splitter and 12 In Cord Black

Boostaroo Portable High Def Headphone Audio Amp with Splitter and 12 In Cord Black

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The World's Only Personal Portable Audio Amplifier & Splitter that lets you always hear your sound better - and share it with two more friends!

The original Boostaroo doubles the volume of any player to most headphones and mini-speakers, while significantly lengthening device battery life, and it has three output jacks, so users can share clean, crisp sounds with others - or use it alone.

As such, they"re the perfect accessories for personal portables, such as MP3 players, XM Radios, pocket PCs, computers, iPods, laptops, Nascar scanners, portable DVD players, CD and tape players.

Most portable devices just can't amplify music enough to overcome background noise. Many people complain they can't hear their favorite tunes in a plane, train, car, out on the street or on a motorcycle. Headphones won't solve the problem. But YOU can. All it takes is a Boostaroo!

The Boostaroo Revolution is the perfect addition for the audiophile at heart. The Revolution will give your audio an expansive 400% volume increase, while at the same time providing high definition sound. Our patented circuit breaks apart compressed audio signals into three seperate audio channels. This effect not only produces a highly defined sound, but creates imaged surround sound as well.??The Revolution works with portable DVD players, MP3 and CD players, Car audio systems, satellite radios, PC's, Laptops, and FM transmitters.

The Boostaroo AC/USB amplifier and splitter allows you to plug both your computer speakers and headphones in at the same time. The AC/USB powered Boostaroo will provide you with a 110% volume increase to your speakers and headphones. The unit can be powered by an AC power supply, or by a USB connection via your computer.

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