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Blonder Tongue MICM-45S Module Sereo AV Modulator 45dB 54-600 MHz Channel 75

Blonder Tongue Laboratories

Blonder Tongue MICM-45S Module Sereo AV Modulator 45dB 54-600 MHz Channel 75


The MICM-45S is a professional quality,channelized, heterodyne stereo A/V modulator providing a stereo audio and video modulated RF carrier on any single VHF channel. It provides modulated RF carrier output on any single VHF channel, including: broadcast TV (2-13), CATV (14-135). It is ideal for placingaudio and video onto any unused VHF channel. Any standard audio/video source can be used, such as satellite receivers, television cameras, video tape recorders, or television demodulators. The MICM-45 utilizes SAW filtering with FCC group delay pre-distortion to provide true vestigial sideband selectivity which makes itperfect for use in adjacent channel systems.

The MICM-45C takes baseband audio andvideo and modulates these signals onto thedesired output channel. The MICM-45S takesbaseband L/R audio and video and modulates these signals into the desired output channel.

The heterodyne conversion process used inthe unit employs a crystal referenced, PLLsynthesized local oscillator. This guaranteesrock solid, no-drift output for the life ofthe modulator. The MICM-45 meets FCCDocket 21006 aeronautical frequency offsetrequirements (?Hz video carrier accuracy).The modulator accepts standard polarity (sync negative) video in the range of 0.7 to 2.5 V pp. It has field defeatable audio pre-emphasis to provide stereo compatibility with any external BTSC stereo generator providing a composite stereo baseband output.

  • 5-860 MHz Channelized Audio/Video Modulator
  • SAW Filtered to True Adjacent Channel Response
  • Die-Cast Chassis Offers Superior Protection Against Ingress or Egress
  • Front Panel Accessible Level Controls for Easy Set-Up and Adjustment
  • Integrated Stereo Encoder

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