Blackmagic VIDREC H.264 Encoding Video Recorder

Blackmagic VIDREC H.264 Encoding Video Recorder

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Blackmagic Video Recorders

Video Recording for a new age!
Now you can capture analog video from VHS, Video-8, video cameras and more, direct to the H.264 file format as used by iPod™, iPhone™, Apple TV™ and YouTube™. Blackmagic Video Recorder plugs directly into your computer's USB and includes easy to use software. Get the highest quality video capture from any component video or regular video device. Blackmagic Video Recorder eliminates time consuming processing because it captures into the native file format of your mobile device. It can even copy to iTunes ready for syncing!

Highest Quality Video Capture
Regular video input is included, plus you can select super high quality component video for incredible quality movies. Use regular video input to capture from VHS machines, televisions, Video-8 cameras, and any other composite video device. Use super high quality component video for capture from set top boxes, DV cameras or DVD players (home recorded videos only).

Capture Direct For Your Mobile Device
To make capture easy, simply select the device you want to capture for. The Video Recorder software will automatically set the size and quality for you! If you're using a custom device, then just enter the resolution and data rate you need for your media files, and Video Recorder SDI will take care of all scaling.

Easy Cropping Tools
Sometimes analog video has black borders, or VHS switching at the bottom of the picture. Easily adjust the cropping to make perfect movies every time! Simply slide the cropping tool along until any artifacts are removed. This means all your captured media will be pixel perfect without annoying black lines at the edges.

Exciting Recording Options
For recording videos automatically, you can set the recording time so you can walk away and recording will stop at a specific time. If you're uploading movies to YouTube, then you can select to auto segment files into 9 min segments, or if you want to put captured videos on CD's you can also select to segment recording into 700 MB sized files.

Note: MAC OSX Compatible Only.

Product Specs:

  • SDI Video Input: None
  • SDI Audio Inputs: None
  • Analog Video Input: YUV Component, NTSC, PAL and S-Video
  • Analog Audio Input: Stereo consumer level RCA
  • Updates and Configuration: USB 2.0 high speed (480Mb/s) interface

  • SD Format Support: 625/25 PAL and 525/29.97 NTSC
  • SDI Compliance: None
  • SDI Video Sampling: None
  • SDI Color Precision: None
  • SDI Color Space: None
  • SDI Audio Sampling: None

  • Software Control: Video Recorder software for Mac OS X Only - Windows Not Supported
  • Installation: Simply connect to your computer's USB port and run Video Recorder software
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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