Blackmagic VHUB/WSC Smart Control

Blackmagic VHUB/WSC Smart Control

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Blackmagic Design VHUB/WSC Smart Control

Control Videohub routers from all over your facility! It's easy to set up control from your desktop, or from equipment racks with the new Videohub Smart Control!

Massive Control Options
Videohub routers have more control options so you can select the best for your facility! We include free Videohub software thats runs on any computer, so you can change routing directly from your editing or design system! If you're looking for an incredible pushbutton XY type panel, then nothing beats using a low cost all in one PC with touch screen, and then using the Videohub software Pushbutton view. Pushbutton view includes picture icons of popular television equipment and is attractive and fast to use. For the ultimate hardware control panels, Videohub Smart Control allows push button routing for each one of your decks and monitors, for single button routing all over your facility! We even have a free developer SDK so you can build your own custom solutions.

Route From Your Desktop
With so much post production equipment based on desktop computers these days, the best place to control your router is right from your desktop. All Videohub models include free software so you can simply install on your Windows or Mac, and get an incredibly attractive icon based router control panel. You can install on as many computers as you like!

The Pushbutton view allows you to see images in the buttons of common video equipment. To use it you simply select a destination, and then select from a range of video sources. All buttons can be customized to any router source or destination, and you can also select from a range of icon images. If you want the most incredible XY control panel, then Pushbutton view looks fantastic when installed on a dedicated all in one computer with touch screen such as a HP TouchSmart, and now all routing can be done by pressing buttons directly on screen! You can have virtually unlimited sources and destinations because it's easy to page through multiple screens of buttons!

The World's Fastest Routing!
When you are working in larger facilities with rack mounted equipment then you need a serious hardware based control panel! Videohub Smart Control is different to traditional hardware router control panels because it's low cost so it's easy to add Videohub Smart Control under all your equipment! You get 40 crystal look YRGB illuminated buttons that can be set to any router output. To set the input to any SDI equipment now just requires a single button press! Once pressed, the input set for that button is instantly routed to the router output set for the Videohub Smart Control. You can set buttons to any router input, just by using the simple Windows and Mac software!

Imagine having an elegant router panel below each of your monitors or decks, and then selecting the input with a single button press! There is simply no faster way to use an SDI routing switcher!

Easy to Use
Videohub Smart Control is incredibly easy to use! For example, if you installed Videohub Smart Control under a monitor, then the output of the router that is connected to that monitor can be set to a different router source each time a different button is pressed. Now you get a "cut-bus" type router control, and you just just select between a range of router inputs by pressing buttons. It's easy to browse through equipment in your facility by pressing buttons and the monitor just changes to that source! It's so easy to use! You can install under decks so you can set the deck's SDI input the same way. Using Videohub Smart Control installed with all your equipment makes routing fast!

Single or Multiple Destinations
Videohub Smart Control allows multiple destinations, and it's easy to select to have a single destination for the whole control panel, or multiple destinations. When working with multiple destinations, buttons on the front panel become gold colored and you can select as many destinations as you need! Videohub Smart Control also allows you to set up a "take" button, and when enabled, the take button is the lower right button, and illuminated red. Multiple destinations and the take button feature mean you can use a single Videohub Smart Control with multiple SDI devices connected to the router, and dramatically lowers the cost!

Elegant Design
Router control panels don't need to be ugly, and Videohub Smart Control has been designed to fit into the most creative post production facilities and broadcasters! You get attractive crystal look buttons that are illuminated by both RGB and white LEDs so that a wider range of rich and clean colors can be displayed. The front panel can be unscrewed and slid off so labels can be inserted under the buttons. We even include Adobe IllustratorT files with crop marks that you can use as templates to generate labels! All buttons can be variably backlit so you can always read button labels even in dark rooms! Videohub Smart Control uses only a single rack unit and is less than an inch thick!

Easy to Install
No router panel is so easy to install! You can customize the router source that's assigned to each button using the easy to use Windows and Mac software included with each Videohub Smart Control. To setup the panel, just connect to the built in USB connection and then run the software! You can select where the Videohub is on your network, as well as how many destinations you want on the panel. You can even select the backlighting brightness, as well as if you want a "take" button!

Connects via Ethernet
Videohub Smart Control uses standard ethernet networking to simply plug into the existing computer network. If you want to use your Videohub in mission critical environments, you can simply connect Videohub Smart Control panels to routers via a dedicated ethernet switch. Videohub Smart Control features power over ethernet so if used with an ethernet switch that includes power over ethernet support, then no power supply is required. For non powered ethernet switches, we also included a power supply with international power socket adapters. Videohub Smart Control also includes loop through ethernet connections, perfect for looping to other control panels or computers!

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