Blackmagic MultiDock Rack Mount Thunderbolt Disk Dock

Blackmagic MultiDock Rack Mount Thunderbolt Disk Dock

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Rack mount Thunderbolt disk dock with 4 independent SSD slots for playback and editing.

This is an exciting solution that makes managing and editing media from our HyperDeck disk recorders and cameras much much simpler! We have designed a one rack unit sized Thunderbolt disk dock that includes 4 independent 2.5 inch disk docking slots for inserting and mounting hard disks and SSD?s. It?s a simple and attractive design with built in power supply and a single Thunderbolt connection to the computer. It features an independent SATA chip per slot so you get maximum speed. It makes docking disks very easy and you can simply mount and then edit or color correct direct from the disks. If you want a disk array, the disks can be striped together to get extra speed and storage space too! Blackmagic MultiDock supports Mac OS X and Windows that have Thunderbolt connections.