Belden AX104270 FiberExpress Brilliance Field Kit

Belden AX104270 FiberExpress Brilliance Field Kit

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Belden AX104270 FiberExpress Brilliance Field Kit
Although the termination of this connector requires no specialized or proprietary tools, Belden has developed three (3) InstallationKits to allow installers to easily and cost-effectively acquire or transition to FiberExpress Brilliance connector technology.

The rugged Installation Pouch is versatile and includes extra pockets for additional flexibility. It can be carried three different ways: shoulder strap, belt and handle. The Installation Guide provides all installation instructions necessary to ensure a successful fiber termination and includes troubleshooting and cleaning tips, and a laminated measuring card. The Video serves as visual aid to demonstrate the features and benefits and the simplicity, speed and ease of the fiber termination process, The Brilliance Cleaver Marker is for FiberExpress Optimax® connector users. It is provided free of charge as an accessory to adapt the existing Optimax Cleaver for both the Brilliance and the Optimax connectors. The new Brilliance Cleaver Marker will effectively eliminate the fiber cleave length risk.

Field Installation Kit Contains all accessories in the Basic Kit, and also includes a Field Cleaver, VFL and Microscope.The Cleaver is a generic field cleaver commonly called a "score and snap" cleaver. The VFL with adapter cords enables on-siteinstallation assurance.

A Cleave Inspection Microscope is included to inspect the fiber cleave prior to connector installation. The Field Cleaver and Microscope provide a cost-effective cleaving solutionwhich meets TIA requirements.

Suitable Applications: Indoor termination of fiber cables: Patch panels, Communication outlets, Fiber-to-the-desk, Distribution frames, Direct termination to equipment, Fiber cable repair, Campus, Customer premise / Access network.

Included Parts: Tool Pouch, Handle, SC, LC,ST Adapters, VFL Patch Cords, Field Cleaver, Waste Bottle, Safety Glasses, Strippers, Scissors, Tweezers, USB Key, Marker, VFL, Microscope, Installation Guide & Card