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Belden 1347A Composite Data, Audio, Video, Security and Control Cable per Foot


Belden 1347A Composite Data, Audio, Video, Security and Control Cable per Foot


Belden 1347A Brilliance Digital and Analog Audio/Video Composite Cable- 1000 ft

Belden Brilliance CompositeCamera Cable Is Designed forSDI/HDTV Video in ENG andEFP Applications

Belden Brilliance 1347A Audio/Video CompositeCamera cable is ideal for the interconnectionof digital remote field cameras. 1347A isa round, smooth composite cable that iscomprised of two industry leading cables:Belden RG-59 Type SDI coaxes (P/N 1505A)and Belden single-pair coaxes for audio andpower applications (P/N 9451). This rugged,yet flexible, new cable is appropriate for liveor recorded on-site news reporting (ENG, orElectronic News Gathering). It is also appropriatefor EFP (Electronic Field Production),or the on-site recording of videos producedfor companies or private enterprises(i.e., advertisements or training films).

Superior Cable ConstructionMeans Superior Performance

The two 1505A RG-59 Type SDI coaxesin this composite cable construction feature20 AWG solid .032" bare copper conductors,gas-injected foam polyethylene insulation,Duofoil plus tinned copper braid shields for95% shield coverage and Black and WhitePVC jackets. These coaxes have been sweeptested from 5-1600 MHz and 1600-4500MHz, achieving minimum Return Lossvalues of 23dB and 21dB, respectively.

The four 9451 single twisted pairaudio/power coaxes are comprised oftwo 22 AWG stranded (7x30") tinnedcopper conductors, crush-resistantpolypropylene insulation, overall Beldfoilshields for 100% coverage, 22 AWGstranded drain wire and a Matte Blackoverall PVC jacket. The pair jacketsare brown/red and orange/yellow.

Outstanding Installer Benefits

Pulling and termination of the newcomposite is especially easy sincethe cable is extremely flexible - evenin low temperatures. Each coax is colorcodedfor easy channel identificationand the each of the coax pairs havea Beldfoil® shield bonded to its crushresistantpolypropylene insulation forease of termination. Installers can alsouse industry-standard BNC connectors.

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