Behringer U-Phono UFO202 High-quality USB Audio Interface

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Audiophile USB/Audio Interface with Built-in Phono Preamp for Digitalizing Your Tapes and Vinyl Records Love Your Old Records and Cassette Tapes? We here at 3D HD Gear love ours old tunes no matter what format they are on! That�s why Behringer built the UFO202 � a simple, affordable way to get your records and vinyl tapes into the digital realm. The UFO202 is easy to use and comes with a bevy of professional software that not only converts your favorite recordings into files on your computer, but also removes those annoying scratches and pops so common to vinyl media. State-of-the-art switchable Line/Phono preamps and digital converters ensure the utmost in sound quality, making the U-PHONO UFO202 Audio Interface a must-have for every audiophile. This is a must have any music collector or for anyone that has music in several different formats.

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