Bebob LULED-BC LUX LED broadcast kit with 4-leaf & D-tap cable

Bebob LULED-BC LUX LED broadcast kit with 4-leaf & D-tap cable

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Bebob LULED-BC LUX LED broadcast kit with 4-leaf & D-tap cable

16x9 Inc. introduces the Lux-LED camera light by Bebob Engineering, the first on-board light-emitting diode system to feature variable focus range.

Variable Focus: Spot OR Flood
The unique arrangement of the system's five high-output LEDs allows for stepless variable focus at an angle of 40° (Spot) to 60° (Flood). Output is fully dimmable with daylight color temperature at full saturations and an innovative incorporated cooling system keeps the light cool to the touch.

Greater Brightness & Lower Power Consumption
Through its use of high-efficiency light-emitting diode technology, the Lux-LED is capable of generating greater brightness at a lower power consumption compared to standard tungsten light systems. Bebob's ingenious design incorporates power-efficient DC regulation that allows the light to operate at multi-voltage inputs (from 6.5V to 28V), making it compatible with a much wider range of cameras.

Flexibility and Security
Incorporating the same sophisticated arrangement of LEDs and variable focus, this new system shares many features of the original Lux camera light. Its' "three-in-one" design allows it to be used on board a camera, handheld or stand-mounted, without the need for extra accessories or brackets. Bebob's unique double-articulation system lets the light shift position 3" (8 cm) up and down, or forward and backwards, to avoid unwanted shadows. The Lux-LED's ergonomic dimmer knob is integrated into the base handle for ease of use and protection.

Strategically Placed Controls
The Lux-LED's ergonomic dimmer-potentiometer knob is integrated into the base station for ease of use and insulation from the bulb's heat. Lux LED's On/Off switch is located away from the base station to avoid accidental adjustment of the dimmer or draining of the batteries.

Works with the following cameras:

  • Fits most full size cameras
  • Canon XH-A1/G1 - Requires Bebob BP Adapter
  • Canon XL-H1 - Requires Bebob BP Adapter
  • Panasonic HVX-200 - Requires Bebob GCA adapter
  • Panasonic DVX-100 - Requires Bebob GCA adapter
  • Sony V1U/FX7 - Requires Bebob NPF adapter
  • Sony Z1U/V1U - Requires Bebob NPF adapter
  • Sony PD170/150 - Requires Bebob NPF adapter

  • High-out LEDs
  • Variable focus at an angle of 40?60?pot OR Flood
  • Dimmable light control
  • Cooling system keeps the light cool to the touch
  • Connects to any 6.5V to 28V power supply
  • Power cable with standard D-tap connector
  • Customized mounting clamp prevents rotation from camera
  • Base station features ergonomic dimmer-potentiometer knob
  • "Double Articulation" system lets light shift position 3" [8 cm] up/down, or forward/backwards to avoid unwanted shadows
  • On/Off switch located away from dimmer-potentiometer to avoid accidental adjustment
  • Comes with 4 Barndoors, a 3200?ngsten filter & difusser
  • Barndoor system attaches easily to light via bayonet connector
  • Built-in 1/8" thread for installation on lighting stand or tripod
  • 3-in-1 Design: can be operated on-board camera, handheld, or stand-mounted
  • Base station keeps light positioned free from camera handle
  • Dual [Male/Female] slide shoe mount
  • Lightweight [13.7 oz.]

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