Aviom MIX6 6-Person Personal Mixing System

Aviom MIX6 6-Person Personal Mixing System

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A complete personal mixing solution for six performers.

The Mix6 is a complete monitor mixing solution for six performers. The system includes an AN-16/i line-level input module which accepts up to 16 line-level inputs. Audio is converted to digital and transmitted via A-Net, up to 500ft/150m over Cat-5e. A dedicated audio thru is available for each input channel, allowing the AN-16/i to be seamlessly inserted into an existing audio signal path.

The 16-channel A-16II Personal Mixer allows a performer to create and save up to 16 custom mixes, and gives each performer control over channel volume, grouping, pan, stereo spread, along with master volume and tone. The system also includes an MT-1 for each Personal Mixer to allow the personal mixer to be mounted on any standard mic stand.

The A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor eliminates the need to daisy chain Personal Mixers, and simplifies set-up by eliminating the need to connect a power supply to each mixer. The A-16D Pro accepts one Pro16 A- Net input signal and provides nine parallel outputs, using rugged EtherCon connectors and standard Cat-5e cables. The A-16D Pro provides isolated (floating ground) DC power through the eight A-Net Outs; the ninth output is an unpowered A-Net Thru connector, designed for distributing a copy of the A-Net signal to a second A-Net Distributor or remote location.

As with all Aviom personal mixing systems, this six-mix package can be expanded as needed to include more Personal Mixers at any time.




  • 1 AN-16/i Input Module
  • 1 A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor
  • 6 A-16II Personal Mixers
  • 6 MT-1 Mic Stand Mounts
  • 1 L-25 Cat-5e Cable

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