Aviom DS32MIX 32x16 Digital Snake with Personal Mixing

Aviom DS32MIX 32x16 Digital Snake with Personal Mixing

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Aviom DS32MIX 32x16 Digital Snake with Personal Mixing
The DS32Mix uses the same snake components as the DS32 Digital Snake and supports up to 32 mic/line inputs on stage and 16 returns. It also integrates a starter Pro16 personal mixing system providing 16 channels of monitoring content for four monitoring positions.

Each input channel on the AN-16/i-M contains a three-segment level meter, a continuously variable gain knob, a phase reverse switch, 48-volt phantom power, and a rumble filter with an 85Hz rolloff.

The 16 balanced outputs on the AN-16/o v.4 are provided via DB25 multipin connectors. The analog outputs can be set (per channel pair) to +24dBu, +18dBu, +4dBu, or mic level.

The four included A-16II Personal Mixers give each performer control over channel volume, grouping, pan, stereo spread, and master volume and tone. Every Personal Mixer in a system can create a unique monitor mix for a performer. Users can save and recall up to sixteen custom mixes as presets in their Personal Mixer.

The A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor simplifies monitor system setup, providing both A-Net data and DC power to each connected Personal Mixer. Each A-16D Pro supports up to eight Personal Mixers, and additional Personal Mixers can be connected by daisy chaining (with power supplied locally) or with additional A-Net Distributors.

All audio for the 32x16 digital snake, plus the 16-channels of monitoring content, travels over a single Cat-5e cable that can be up to 500ft./150m long.

  • 2 AN-16/i-M Mic Input Modules
  • 2 AN-16/i Input Modules
  • 3 AN-16/o v.4 Output Modules
  • 1pr AN-16SBR System Bridges
  • 1 A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor
  • 4 A-16II Personal Mixers

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