AV Tool VS-612 CS/SV to HDMI Up Converter

AV Tool VS-612 CS/SV to HDMI Up Converter

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VS-612 CV/SV to HDMI Up Converter converts standard definition analog Composite or S-Video signals to digital HDTV version 1.3 HDMI signals. It will also provide a compliant DVI signal with an appropriate adapter cable. It provides a way to embed analog stereo audio signals into the HDMI Datastream and has extensive signal conditioning capabilities including 3D (Frame Based) noise reduction, block noise reduction and MPEG noise reduction. Advanced 3D adaptive de-interlacing, 8/10/12 bit deep color processing is included to support 1080p requirements. An automatic lip sync restorer is included as is EDID automatic monitor resolution determination.

The VS-612 automatically detects the input signal's format (NTSC or PAL) and is fully compliant with HDMI v1.3, DVI v1.0 and HDCP v1.1 specifications. It has a small footprint and is shipped with an AC to DC power adapter which is provided with locking DC connector for security.

  • HDMI 1.3, HDCP 1.1, DVI 1.0 Compliant
  • 1080p 12 bit Deep Color Support
  • Embeds analog Audio inputs into the HDMI signal
  • Automatic NTSC/PAL Detection
  • Automatic EDID Monitor Support
  • 3D, Block and MPEG Noise Reduction
  • Automatic Lip Sync Restoration
  • 3D Adaptive De-interlacing

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