AV Tool 1T-VS-223 YPbPr Component To Video Down Converter

AV Tool 1T-VS-223 YPbPr Component To Video Down Converter

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The AV Toolbox 1T-VS-223 Scan Converter is designed to convert most HDTV signals, ranging from 480p to 1080p resolution, to interlaced NTSC (or PAL) Video outputs. The 1T-VS-223 outputs both Composite Video and S-Video output signals and incorporates an YPbPr bypass feature allowing the user to choose either analog component HDTV images or standard definition images.

The 1T-VS-223 is ideal for situations where only legacy monitors displaying only Composite Video or S-Video signals are available, but the source material is available only in component HDTV formats. Selection of over-scanning or under scanning video output is available. Users may select either the NTSC or PAL video standard.

The 1T-VS-223 has a small footprint and is equipped with an AC to DC power adapter (included) with integrated locking DC connector for security.


  • Automatic Signal Conversion
  • Down Converts HDTV NTSC or PAL
  • Support HDTV inputs up to 1080p
  • Scales HDTV video to Composite/S-Video.
  • Supports both NTSC/PAL Television Standards.
  • Provision for Image Overscan and Underscan.
  • Easy to install and simple to operate
  • Small, palm size footprint

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