Aurora Nugget IR IP Single Port Expansion Module

Aurora Nugget IR IP Single Port Expansion Module

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The WACI Nugget IR is a fully functional stand-alone IP-to-IR remote access controller with internal web server. In addition, it functions as a remote expansion port for the WACI series of IP-based control systems.

Featuring an IR output port, a single A/D for add-on sync sensor or current sensor, a POE capable LAN port, and a MicroSD card slot, the WACI Nugget IR is the ideal solution for providing LAN based control for IR devices.


  • Low cost remote IP control
  • Internal web server for storing control pages and other media
  • Seamless integration with the WACI series of IP control system
  • Extremely small form factor and power over Ethernet capability allows for mounting in tight locations, with only a single cable run required

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