Auralex - SonoFlat Systems - SFS184 (Burgundy)

Auralex - SonoFlat Systems - SFS184 (Burgundy)

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If your room requires great acoustics and a sophisticated elegance beyond Auralex's traditional Studiofoam products, and your budget is significantly less than that required for fabric-covered alternatives, try SonoFlat systems.

Auralex's SonoFlat Systems offer an all-inclusive room treatment option with a sophisticated architectural styling. The SonoFlat Systems offer all the great advantages of our industry-leading Studiofoam such as performance and longevity, and also provides you with a multitude of design possibilities for home theaters, recording studios, and other critical listening environments.

Installation is easy, and as always, the Auralex Application Specialists will be glad to assist you in selecting the correct solution for your needs.

    The Systems

    The SFS-112 is best suited for rooms that do not need diffusion. One or two of the SFS-112's are perfect for smaller rooms. The SFS-112 offers a very economical way to get great, accurate acoustics, and provide a design that looks like other, more expensive alternatives.
    SFS-112 System

  • 24 - 2" SonoFlat Panels - 96 sq.ft.
  • 4 - SonoColumns (Charcoal Only) - 16 sq.ft.
  • 4 SonoCollars (Charcoal Only)
  • 5 Tubetak Pro Adhesive

    The SFS-184 includes 128 square feet of SonoFlat Panels, 8 SonoColumns, and 6 of our new Q-Fusor diffusors. The SFS-184 is best used in rooms that have at least one dimension greater than 12'. One or two SFS-184 Systems will provide outstanding acoustics in rooms up to 400 sq. ft. and provide all of the components necessary for a multitude of decorating alternatives.

    SFS-184 System

  • 32 - 2" SonoFlat Panels - 128 sq.ft.
  • 8 - SonoColumns (Charcoal Only) 32 sq.ft
  • 8 - SonoCollars (Charcoal Only)
  • 6 - Q'Fusor Diffusors (water-based paintable) 24 sq.ft.
  • 12 - Tubetak Pro Adhesives
(Due to the variance of different computer monitors and video card color depth, Auralex Acoustics cannot guarantee that the color(s) represented on your computer screen will exactly match the foam products shipped. These color swatches are for reference purposes only.)

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