Auralex - MetroLENRD Bass Traps - (Purple)

Auralex - MetroLENRD Bass Traps - (Purple)

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To round out the Auralex Metro family, we proudly present the Metro LENRD Bass Trap. The Metro LENRD Bass Trap is a triangular-shaped bass trap that fits into room corners and/or wall/ceiling junctures perfectly, and provides outstanding low frequency sound control. Based on the design of our wildly successful original LENRD Bass Trap, the Metro LENRD gives a fresh look to a reliable, unbeatable acoustic sound absorber. Plus, it's available in all 12 Auralex colors.

All three Metro products work together to provide sound absorption, diffusion and bass trapping, while the "cityscape" cut provides visual continuity to your room. The Auralex Metro family was designed with a professional, architectural look for use in studios, classrooms, home theaters, office buildings, churches or anywhere a more upscale appearance is called for.

  • Qty: 8
  • Colors: Charcoal, Burgundy, Purple
  • Coverage: 16 lineal feet
  • Size: 2'x1'x1'
  • Sugg. Adhesive: 1 Foamtak or 2 Tubetak

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