Auralex MAX-Wall Window Kit - (Charcoal Gray)

Auralex MAX-Wall Window Kit - (Charcoal Gray)

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The MAX-Wall system from Auralex is a modular, interlocking acoustic treatment solution for those who don't want, or aren't allowed, to mount anything on their walls. Additionally the system is useful for the facility that serves a variety of acoustical purposes and needs to reconfigure areas. Any combination can be set-up in minutes with no tools, no adhesive and no fuss.

The MAX-Wall Window Kit is an additional panel containing a Plexiglass window that can be incorporated into a MAX-Wall system for those occasions when line of sight is needed while still maintaining isolation. The size of the panel is identical to other panels contained in any of the MAX-Wall systems.

Note: If not replacing an existing panel, the MAX-Wall Window Kit will need its own stand that is not included.

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