Auralex Acoustics TruTraps Genesis System (Purple)

Auralex Acoustics TruTraps Genesis System (Purple)

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The `Off-the-Wall' Broadband Solution!

TruTraps Genesis System is a hybrid product solution that combines broadband absorption with quadratic diffusion to give you all the tools you need to accurately treat the sound in your room.

Genesis consists of four 3" TruPanels and four Q'Fusors, and adheres to the principle of utilizing an air gap behind a passive absorber to provide significant broadband absorption and increased low frequency control. Utilizing the 3" TruSpacers provides a 50% increase in absorption at 125Hz (.4 to .62 NRC), and even more when the TruPanels are placed diagonally in corners.

Mount the Q'Fusors to the front of the TruTraps for a combined coverage of 32 sq. ft., or mount the Q'Fusors directly on the wall for an additional 14 sq. ft. of coverage. The Q'Fusors expand the sweet spot while the TruPanels continue to trap low to mid frequencies.

Using one or more Genesis Systems provides a low profile broadband solution that allows great functional and design alternatives, creating a professional look for your room. Everything you need is provided, including the TruSpacers and TubeTak Pro adhesive, making the TruTraps an easy, turnkey answer for great acoustical control; and the best value of any "off-the-wall" alternative anywhere.

    TrueTraps Genesis System
  • 4 - 3 Inch Studiofoam TruePanels - (Covers 32 Square Feet)
  • 32 - TrueSpacers - (Charcoal ONLY)
  • 4 - Q'Fusors 22In x 22In - Covers 14 Square Feet
  • 1 - TubeTak Pro Liquid Adhesive

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