Auralex Acoustics MegaMaxWall Mobile Acoustic System - (Burgundy)

Auralex Acoustics MegaMaxWall Mobile Acoustic System - (Burgundy)

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The MAX-Wall Modular Acoustical Environment is everything you've always wanted from your acoustical treatments.

Double the Thickness for Better Low-End Absorption
Sometimes, studios or tracking rooms have very pronounced bass anomalies that cannot be totally mitigated by conventional placement of bass traps. Enter the Auralex MegaMAX. The 2' x 4' panels are 8.75" thick (DOUBLE the thickness of regular MAX-Wall panels) and have a hole cut through them so that they can be mounted on MAX-Stands, therefore enabling the MegaMAX to be moved easily to "fine tune" difficult low-end problems. Their portability allows them to be used as low-frequency go-bo's. The MegaMAX can be placed in problematic areas unique to particular applications.

  • NRC: 1.10, 1.32@125Hz
  • Size: 2' x 4' x 8.75" each
  • Qty: 2 panels per box (16 sq. ft.)
  • Colors: Charcoal Gray, Purple, Burgundy

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