Audix RAD360 System with OM7 Dynamic Handheld Transmitter G - 790 MHz - 814 MHz

Audix RAD360 System with OM7 Dynamic Handheld Transmitter G - 790 MHz - 814 MHz

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Audix RAD360 Wireless Microphone System
Pick from Audix OM3, OM5 the Amazing OM6 or the Rocking OM7!!

The Audix RAD-360 is a frequency agile UHF wireless microphone system with 193 selectable frequencies and dual tuner, true diversity receivers. Operating in the UHF band between 638-806 MHz, The RAD-360 is designed for a wide range of professional applications including live performances, regional sound companies, fixed installations, corporate meetings and events, and houses of worship. The RAD-360 features easy-to-use and easy-to-read menu driven displays in every component of the system. Both the receiver and the transmitter are synthesizer controlled via Phase Locked Loop (PLL) for stable Radio Frequency (RF) signals. The RAD-360 handheld transmitters are constructed with durable metal housings and feature legendary performance of the OM-series dynamic microphones from Audix-microphones that have set standardsin the pro audio industry for clarity, feedback rejection, and dependability.

The hand-held transmitters have a convenient gain setting control that will enable a -10, -20, or -30 dB pad to help prevent overload or distortion. The modular design of the threaded capsule housing assembly means that the user can easily change the transmitter mic capsule from one model to another in a matter of seconds. The body pack transmitter, constructed of durable ABS composite, is housed in a protective metal cradle. It may be used with lavalier, headset, and specialty instrument microphones.

A guitar system is also available. Mic/line input adjustments are provided as well as sensitivity/gain control. The receiver is rack-mountable for either 1 or 2 systems into a standard 19inch rack with optional rack mount kits. An optional Amplified Antenna Distribution System (ADS-4) is available, allowing up to 4 systems to be run off a single pair of antennas, and one DC power supply. An optional antenna booster (AB-1), which can be wall-mounted or mic stand mounted, is available to strengthen incoming signals, improve signal to noise ratio, and increase the RF range.

    Frequencies are Color Coded As Follows
  • B (Black) = 638 MHz - 662 MHz
  • Y (Yellow) = 692 MHz - 716 MHz
  • R (Red) = 782 MHz - 806 MHz
  • G (Green) = 790 MHz - 814 MHz

    System Features
  • Frequency Agile: All Audix RAD-360 UHF transmitters and receivers can be programmed for 193 frequencies (in increments of .125 Hz) with the 24 MHz band width of the system being utilized. A total of 12-16 systems can be configured to operate simultaneously, depending on the location and environmental conditions.
  • Soft-key Controls: Gain setting and frequency selection are very quick and easy-to-use.
  • Menu Driven Displays: All transmitters and receivers feature menu driven LCD displays, which are back-lit and easy-to-read. Information displayed includes frequency selected, audio signal strength,A/B antenna indicator, mute status, RF indicator, battery indicator, audio levels, and lock/unlock status.
  • Noise Squelch Circuitry: Analyzes signal quality instead of signal strength. Controls the possibility of annoying sudden "bursts" coming through the receiver.
  • Surface Acoustic Wave (S.A.W.) Filters: Help to insure that the system is free from RF interference.
  • Tone Key Squelch: Eliminates unwanted noise from entering the system.
  • Tuned Antennas: 3/4 Wave antennas are tuned to specific frequencies for RF stability.
  • Audio Output: The rear receiver panel includes both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (1/4" ) output jacks
  • RF Level Meters: Monitors signal strength and optimizes transmitter gain settings
  • Audio Meters: Monitors audio levels and helps to optimize transmitter gain settings.
  • Battery Power Indicators: Battery power levels can be read from both the receiver and the transmitter.
  • Set and Lock Function: Easy to use switches allow frequencies to be easily changed, set, and locked.
  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Handheld transmitters feature additional PAD settings of -10, dB -20 dB and -30 dB.
  • Interchangeable Head Assemblies: The RAD-360 handheld transmitters feature simple-to-change threaded capsule assemblies. Change or replace capsules in a matter of seconds.
  • Durable Metal Housings: All three components of the RAD360-receiver, handheld transmitter,and body pack feature metal housings for additional RF shielding and shock resistance.

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