Audix F90 - Pre-Polarized Condenser Microphone

Audix F90 - Pre-Polarized Condenser Microphone

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The F-90 is a pre-polarized condenser microphonedesigned for use with drums, percussion, and instruments in the areas of live sound and live broadcast applications.

With a smooth uniform response over a frequencyrange of 50 Hz -18 kHz, the F-90 is lightweight, compact, and extremely easy to use. The microphone is designed with an integral clamping system making it simple to attach to the rims of drums, percussion instruments, and a variety of other instruments such as sax, trumpet, and trombone.

The F-90 has a cardioid pick-up pattern and is capable of handling sound pressure levels up to 135 dB. The flexible gooseneck, along with the 90-degree angle of the microphone head, puts the microphone in the proper position for placement directly over the sound source. Any final adjustments can be made by simply twisting or bending the gooseneck into the desired position. The F-90 is highly sensitive and will pick up the warmth and clarity of instruments without boominess.

The F-90 operates on phantom power of 9-52 voltsand is supplied with a phantom power adapter, integral clamp, cable, windscreen, and carrying pouch.

  • Drums and percussion
  • Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone Cymbals


  • Lightweight, compact, low profile
  • Simple to set-up and use
  • Can be used to mic multiple drums at one time
  • Can be utilitzed with wireless systems
  • Durable steel integral clamp
  • Fits into tight spaces (between drums, beneath cymbals)

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