Audioplex AT-4 Auto Impedance Matching 4-Pair Speaker Selector

Audioplex AT-4 Auto Impedance Matching 4-Pair Speaker Selector

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Play Any Combination of Speakers Simultaneously!

The AT-4 is a four zone, resistive based speaker selector that gives you the ability to turn on or off up to four pairs of speakers independently as well as select between 2 amplifiers. The AT-4 features resistive based impedance matching to deliver a solid 8 ohms back to your amplifier.

The AT series of selectors, with automatic PurePath protection allows you the ease of choosing which rooms in your whole-house audio system are on or off from one convenient location. Automatic PurePath amplifier protection constantly processes how many speakers are selected and provides the purest possible path from the amplifier to the speaker.

Ultimate fidelity for critical listening can occur in any room at any time with the AT series of selectors. Simply select only the room you are in and the AT series automatically provides an absolutely pure, direct path to the speakers. As you engagemore pairs of speakers, the AT series gradually inserts amplifier protection, while constantly strivingto keep the maximum power flowing to your speakers. Only Audioplex AT series selectors automatically remove protection when it is unnecessary. This makes these unique selectors the only choice for those who love music enough that they demand control over any room.

No "Protection Buttons". Resistive protection is automatically inserted each time a room is turned on.

Proprietary Thermo-Tek Protection shuts off the sound before your speakers or your components are damaged.

Power Handling: Suitable for use with amplifiers of up to 200 watts per channel. Speaker/Amplifier Connectors: Screw-type connectors capable of connecting 12 gauge wire.

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