Audio Authority 1183 Active Video DC Blocker

Audio Authority 1183 Active Video DC Blocker

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Certain audio/video sources, such as a cable box or satellite receiver, may fail to work properly when their output is routed through a switcher or distribution amplifier, or even when connected directly to a TV. Often the problem may be related to direct current (DC) being present In the source's video output signal especially when color problems or picture stability problems occur. Our Model 1183 Active Video DC Blocker eliminates this problem by removing DC that may be present in the video output signal of certain set-top and cable boxes on the market today. The 1183 is simple to connect directly in the component video output signal path of the STB or cable box. Power supply included.

The 1183 is made to solve DC problems related to some Dish Network satellite receivers.

    Product Specs:
  • Dimensions: 2.25'' X 4'' X 1.5''
  • Actively removes DC from YPbPr video signal
  • Buffered output
  • Provides 75 Ohm termination

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