Audio Authority 1154B HDTV Component Video/Audio Source Selector

Audio Authority 1154B HDTV Component Video/Audio Source Selector

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Audio Authority 1154B High Definition Audio/Video Source Selector
  • Expands the TV's video input capacity
  • Expands the receiver's digital audio capacity
  • Automatically selects the active audio input
  • Switches component video, analog audio, anddigital audio (optical and coaxial)
  • Converts optical and coaxial signals automatically

The Model 1154B is Audio Authority's premiere 4-in, 1-out AutoSelect™ switcher for home theater systems. The 1154B isdesigned to switch high definition component video up to 1080p and audio signals including stereo (analog), digital coaxial, anddigital optical audio, all delivered to the viewer with their original vividness, brightness, and clarity. The 1154B includes automaticcross-conversion between digital audio formats, outputting both, and a defeatable AutoSelect logic automatically chooses theactive source. Manual control is available via IR remote with discretes (included) or touch-sensitive front panel.


  • Discrete input selection
  • Four AV inputs, one AV output
  • Connectors grouped by input number for easy hookup
  • High bandwidth component video (YPbPr) up to 1080p
  • Digital audio (coaxial and optical)
  • Automatic digital audio conversion
  • Stereo analog audio
  • Touch sensitive front panel controls
  • IR remote control included
  • AutoSelect™ technology
  • Manual selection override
  • All metal construction
  • Made proudly in our own US factory