Atomos Samurai 10-Bit Field Recorder HD/SD-SDI (Education)

Atomos Samurai 10-Bit Field Recorder HD/SD-SDI (Education)

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Atomos Samurai 10-Bit Field Recorder, Monitor and Playback & Playout Device with HD/SD-SDI
The revolutionary Samurai is a portable touchscreen Professional 10-Bit HD Recorder, Monitor, & Playback device that captures pristine video and audio direct from any camera with HD/SD-SDI. It encodes in real-time to the visually-lossless Apple ProRes format, onto low-cost, removable 2 1/2 inch hard disks. You can then review your footage in realtime onto the pristine 5" display or out onto any HD-SDI capable device, including directors monitors & broadcast equipment. With up to 10 hours battery from the 2 included Lithium Ion Camera batteries, you truly have a deck & monitor in the palm of your hand, a super high quality deck & monitor.

It has a super high-resolution 5" HD/SD SDI monitor with an ideal workflow: from sensor to timeline in unparalleled Apple ProRes quality. All the innovative features of the Ninja plus timecode and genlock and the ability to work with multiple synchronised units. The Samurai is the portable touchscreen HD/SD-SDI recorder/monitor the world has been waiting for.

The Samurai builds on the already impressive HDMI based Ninja to bring a host of new production weapons aimed at camera professionals with HD/SD-SDI cameras:
  • 5" TFT/LCD 800x480 super high resolution screen
  • HD/SD-SDI Connecitvity
  • 24 PSF support with 24/60i 3:2 Pulldown removal on capture
  • SDI Play Out or Loop-Though: connect to an external broadcast monitor or director's monitor and record and playback on set
  • Screen Flipping and more....
SDI Arsenal:
  • Captive connector
  • Long cable lengths
  • Time Code and Gen Lock support
  • 3D support with 2 Samurai's Genlocked
  • Multi Camera Support
  • More Professional Cameras with better lenses and sensors
Samurai packs a host of features into its compact, rugged aluminium body:
  • Recording direct to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD via HD/SD-SDI - Pristine HD uncompressed video from camera lens and sensor directly to selected codec
  • Monitoring - Super High resolution 5" 800x480 built in Samurai monitor
  • Playback - Instant playback for review of Apple ProRes files to the Samurai screen
  • Touch Screen - Simple intuitive touch screen functionality - no complicated menus!
  • Continuous Power - Atomos Continuous Dual Battery Technology
  • Affordable Storage - Infinite affordable 2.5" HDD/SSD storage capability
And transforms your video production by:
  • Eliminating the need for capture cards and wasted time logging and capturing by avoiding the lossy, time consuming capture-to-edit process.
  • Bypassing the image-degrading compression needed to squeeze HD onto in-camera flash storage.
  • Providing limitless and cheap storage through the use of removable 2 1/2 inch hard disks.
  • Including all accessories in one rugged case - Batteries, Chargers, Disk Caddies and a PC/Mac docking station.
  • Recording to a high quality editing codec at the camera in the field: simple.
  • Recycling older cameras with obsolete tape and compression technology and updating them with a modern, high-quality file-based workflow

Better quality from your new or old camera. Infinite cheap storage. No worries about battery life. Ideal for any camera with an HD or SD video output. Samurai transforms the way you work with video.

Everything Included for Real ProductionAt ATOMOS we believe in selling complete solutions. We're not like other companies that sell you a product and expect you to spend thousands of dollars extra for batteries, accessories, docking stations and chargers - to name just a few. We don't like this way of doing business and so for one low price we give you a complete solution:

  • Samurai Unit - Recorder, Screen for monitoring and playback, Touch Screen for easy control
  • HDD/SSD Master Disk Caddy (x2) - you buy the disks and insert them. This is by far the most affordable way to record video onto media
  • 2600mAh Batteries (x2) - for continuous battery operation
  • Charger - to charge your batteries
  • Docking Station (and cables) - to connect to Mac or PC via Firewire 800 and USB2/3 for downloading or editing immediately from the Samurai Disks
  • Samurai Carry Case - Tough, light and portable carry case to protect your investment
Note: Must provide hard copy qualifying educational institute, student, employee or professor documentation with purchase of Educational System.

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