Atlona AT-HDTX-ROADNET HDMI Rental/Staging Extender (TX)

Atlona AT-HDTX-ROADNET HDMI Rental/Staging Extender (TX)

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Atlona HDBaseT TX HDMI Rental/Staging Box w/etherCON, Ethernet, RS-232, and IR

Atlona's HDBaseT ROADNET transmitters are engineered especially for rental and staging applications that need rugged reliability over long distances. ROADNET uses power over category cable (PoCc) and advanced HDBaseT technology to extend signals 328 feet (100 meters) over a single category cable, which carries power as well, so you'll only need power at the transmitter

Faster Rental and Staging Setup and Breakdown

The only transmitter on the market with extra-robust Neutrik etherCON RJ45 connectors to withstand the rigors and chaos of live performance and temporary installations. The quick-connect power supply allows faster setup and breakdown. Ports for IR and RS-232 are on captive screw connectors for easy setup. Use Neutrik etherCON NE8MC for best results

Complete Control, Completely Compatible

Atlona ROADNET transmitter boxes feature complete Ethernet, RS-232, and IR control at distances up to 328 feet. We rigorously test our boxes for interoperability with third-party controls, so expect compatibility with all major control systems. The Ethernet channel can be used with any LAN connection.

Higher Resolutions at Longer Distances

ROADNET transmitters send perfect HDMI signals as far away as 328 feet (100 meters), the longest of all transmitters that meet HDBaseT specifications. Resolutions up to Ultra HD (4Kx2K).

  • Designed to work with Atlona AT-HDRX-ROADNET receivers
  • Many signal and connector options including HDMI for video/audio and HDBaseT on RJ45 or etherCON
  • High EMI rejection for compatibility in even the most challenging installations
  • Transmits all embedded audio signals including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Update in the field via USB port
  • Allows direct wire connection from TX or RX to third-party IR control systems

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