ATI PB2X8 Pressbox 2 IN Mic-to-Line Mixer with 16 Out DA

ATI PB2X8 Pressbox 2 IN Mic-to-Line Mixer with 16 Out DA

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The PB2X8 "Press Box" provides two high quality XLR inputs, which can be individually switched or mixed into any of eight isolated line level outputs. Each input may be individually switched for microphone or line levels with phantom power and low cut filters available for the microphone inputs.

A calibrated test tone oscillator can be switched in place of either input for system test and level checks. A bargraph LED display meters any of the eight outputs or either input. The meter may be switched for 0VU indication at nominal outputs of +4, +8 or +18dBm with the top position an effective headroom indicator.

A headphone output follows the meter selection for audible monitoring. Each of the eight outputs is a separate, independent and isolated amplifier channel which may be switched to the A input, the B input or to the A+B sum to mix both inputs.

Each output channel has its own level control and a transformer balanced and isolated XLR output at full line level. In addition, alternate output positions provide either a 1/4 inch or a 3.5mm TRS jack with an attenuated output at -10dBu. Internal jumper plugs can convert any -10dBu output to -50dBu. Balanced TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) plugs or unbalanced TS (Tip-Sleeve) plugs may be used interchangeably. A pair of 1/4 inch TRS jacks parallels the main XLR inputs to allow convenient loop-thru connection into another PB2X8 for further system expansion.

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