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ATI Audio DA2016-1 Dual 1X8 DA Metered +22dBm Transformer Output

ATI Audio DA2016-1 Dual 1X8 DA Metered +22dBm Transformer Output


With its new higher power output and lower noise, the updated DA2016-1 is ideal for every application and every budget. With the DA2016-1, you'll avoid RF and hum pick-up problems from noisy, lossy splitters, eliminate hard-to-find shorts from multiple taps on critical lines, boost low console outputs, drive long lines and eliminate rolloff and distortion from mismatched load impedances. The DA2016-1 is designed for desktop mounting, and can be rack mounted in 1RU of space with our 21181-501 Accessory Rack Mount Kit. Reliable barrier block connectors with fan-out strips for easy prewiring and quick change servicing are standard. The Dual 1X8 DA1016-1 comes with 16 individually adjustable outputs and includes true transformer balanced outputs. An LED meter with three selectable 0VU settings allows you to set nominal line levels and monitor peak headroom. The VU Meter can be switched to read every channel. Input Clipping LEDs and a boosted headphone output are included. This high-performance DA is ideal for broadcast and professional environments.

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