ATI Audio DA1000 1X8 Audio Distribution Amplifier (Term Strip I/O)

ATI Audio DA1000 1X8 Audio Distribution Amplifier (Term Strip I/O)

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ATI DA1000 1X8 Audio Distribution Amplifier

With their new higher power outputs (+26dBm) at lower noise (-100dBm EIN) the updatedDA1000 and the DA2008 are ideal for every application and every budget.

Avoid RF and hum pick-up problems from noisy, lossy splitters. Prevent hard-to-find shortsfrom multiple taps on critical lines. Boost low console outputs. Drive long lines. Eliminate rolloffand distortion from mismatched load impedances. These ATI DAs are designed for permanentrack mounting and use reliable barrier block connectors with fan-out strips for easy prewiringand quick change servicing.

The DA1000 and the DA2008 each have a single, high output, active balanced driver perchannel that is resistively split into 4 or 8 outputs each, all driven at precisely the same level.These economical units feature output clipping LEDs and a headphone/metering jack in a halfrack package that you can mount singly or side-by-side in only 1RU of vertical space.
  • Output clipping indicators
  • Signal present indicator (DA1000only)
  • Front phone jack for headphones,metering or auxiliary ninth output
  • Single or dual side-by-side rackmounting kits
  • Eight active balanced outputs with+26dBm each; full short circuitisolation
  • Heavy common mode bypassing ofall output and input lines for superiorRF protection
  • High slew rate design providestotally transparent operation

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