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ATI Audio 4 CH Line Amplifier - Transformer Output

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ATI Audio 4 CH Line Amplifier - Transformer Output


Four or eight individual channels to boost either microphone or line level balanced inputs up to +24 dBm, 600 ohm line levels with either active or transformer balanced outputs. Use as microphone, line buffer, IHF interface, audio distribution and level matching amplifiers. Drive headphones or interfaces phone line. Combine channels with rear connector jumpers to formstereo summing networks, DAs, simple mixers or even a press box. Adjustable gain, up to 82dB mic and 42dB line. Low noise and distortion, ruler flat response. Barrier block terminals, 1-3/4" rack mount.

  • Four or eight, high or low gain audiochannels
  • Rear panel jumpers
  • Drive multiple outputs at different gain settings
  • Combine high and low gain microphone inputs into many outputs
  • Normalized incoming telephone lines and drive outgoing feeds with a Multiple Line Amplifier array.

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